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Tips on anal bleaching at home


There are several ways people can brighten the color of the skin around their anus.  One of the most common medical type procedures is with laser procedure.  This method is relatively safe and can very often be done with a single session.  But this is a medical procedure and you will be put under a local anesthesia. This is a great option for people with the budget since this procedure will usually cost several thousand dollars and since anyone being subjected to local anesthesia always carries some risk, while it is safe, it should not be considered without any risks at all.

The clinics that perform laser anal lightening claim that there are no side effects or pain, but great care must and should be taken for at least seven days after the procedure to ensure there is no infection since the skin will be very tender and is easily infected.  On the bright side, this procedure, since it affects the melanin layer of the skin directly is most usually permanent which is an excellent benefit.

Another method, which we talked about in a previous article is home remedies using everyday household items such as lemon, potato and the like.  These types of home remedies get very mixed reviews from a lot of women.  It seems that each person has different levels of skin issues and home remedies seem to work better on some than others.  There is also the issue of how often and how rigorous these applications are applied.  If a person only applies these remedies every once in a while, it is likely that the skin will either not be effected at all by the treatment, or will return to it’s normal state.  One has to realize that since these home remedies will only help a tiny bit each time they are applied, it is up to the person to make sure that they are diligent and maintain the treatment daily, usually twice per day and it can take many months for a noticeable change to appear.  That can be difficult for many women that are busy working and/or raising a family or perhaps have an active sexual life that gets in the way of treatment.

That is not to say that home remedies can’t work, it is just that it will take someone with the time and commitment who wants it to work.  The reasons for darkened skin in the rectal or vaginal area can be different from person to person and as such will also work differently from person to person.  Often women will find a change after childbirth, typically due to hormonal changes.  This type of change can be harder and take longer to whiten than other women who just have a slightly darker complexion in these areas naturally.  There is no evidence that the general color of your skin has any bearing on the difficulty of whitening the anal or vaginal areas.

The last method to consider for anal bleaching is something we’ve also touched on in a previous article.  It is another home remedy but instead of using common household items, you would use a commercially available intimate whitening cream made specifically for the purpose.  This method fits somewhere in between the laser procedure and fully home remedies.  Like the full home remedies, using an intimate whitening cream will take time and you would need to do it regularly.  But in normal circumstances, many women start seeing results in as little as a few weeks rather than months and can often be finished their treatment in as little as a couple of months whereas home remedies can take a year or even more to get the full results.

The cost of using an intimate whitening cream can be from $50 to $200 depending on the area you need to cover, the length of time you need to use it and of course which product you choose.  Anal bleaching reviews like this one are a good place to start your search for a good whitening cream if this is your choice of methods.  Just make sure you choose one without harmful chemicals like hydroquinone or mercury.  Most reputable products are very safe to use these days and only contain safe and natural ingredients.

Not matter which method you choose, as long as you stick with your decision, there is every chance you will be happy with your choice down the road.  Just realize the good and bad of each choice and make that decision based on your own needs.  There is no wrong answer, just as long as you stay safe and don’t choose any anal bleaching method that may be harmful to your health.  If you choose the medical laser procedure especially, make sure that you research on your own how reputable the clinic is and make sure that they have a good track record.  Having a pink and rosy bottom is not worth any risk to your health or safety!