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Can I Use Meladerm for My Vagina Area?


Meladerm is a skin lightener that is produced by Civant Skin Care. It can be used for hyperpigmentation, old scars and skin discoloration. While many people are familiar with scars and dark spots that result from acne on their face and back, men and women sometimes also feel uncomfortable about uneven pigmentation on other parts of their body.

Reasons Why Women Want to Lighten Their Vulva

Women and men sometimes feel that the skin under their armpits, on their buttocks and on their vulva looks unusually dark. They may feel embarrassed by this and look for ways to make the skin in these private areas have the same shade as the rest of their body. Liver spots and other skin disorders can sometimes change the way that skin looks. Meladerm can help to even out your skin tone even in these private areas.

Excessive shaving and waxing can sometimes cause the skin in the pubic area to become significantly darker over time. Women sometimes also have unusual birthmarks in the pubic area that they wish to lighten. Meladerm can make the skin around your groin feel softer even as it gently fades and dark spots left from rashes or scars.

Meladerm will not restore color to the skin. If you have extremely light spots on your skin this product cannot be used to make the pigment come back to those areas. Always test it on a very small area of your skin and wait for at least 24 hours before applying it on the rest of your inner thighs and vulval area. If any itching, redness or a rash develops stop using the product immediately.

Can I Use Meladerm for My Vagina Area? How to Use Meladerm in Intimate Areas

The ingredients in Meladerm are safe on the vulva but it should not be used inside the vagina. The treatment is highly concentrated and when you are using it you should always apply it sparingly. Meladerm is only to be used externally and should never be placed inside the body for any reason. Once you open a container of this product, it should be stored in a refrigerated area. This helps to ensure that all of the ingredients will remain stable and keep on giving you the same results even after you have been using it for months. Meladerm can be stored safely in your fridge for up to a year.

If you are applying Meladerm to your vulva and inner thighs always do so after you have had a shower, not before. Ensure that you pat the area dry and then sparingly apply the treatment to your skin. If you are planning on going to the beach and need to apply sunblock, wait at least ten minutes before putting sunblock on any area of your skin that has been covered with Meladerm.meladerm

Will Meladerm Brighten the Vaginal Area?

If you apply Meladerm to your vulva it will reduce the appearance of any areas of hyperpigmentation. That will make your skin look brighter. It will have the same effect as it would if you applied it to spots on your face, back or other parts of your body. Always use Meladerm as directed in order to get the best results.

Can I Use Meladerm on My Vagina Area While I am Pregnant?

If you are pregnant you should delay using Meladerm until after your baby has been born. Applying a bleaching cream for your vulva, buttocks or inner thighs during this time may not be safe for the baby. Pregnant women also go through hormonal changes that disrupt the way that their body would normally respond to certain cosmetics. It is better to wait and apply Meladerm after delivery in order to experience the best results from using the treatment. To be safe, it is best to wait until you have stopped nursing your baby before you start using the brightening agent.

How Long Will It Take for the Skin on My Vulva to Return to Its Original Shade?

Women who use Meladerm usually see results within two weeks. People with extremely pale skin generally see results more quickly. If you have spots on your inner thighs that you would like to gently fade, only use Meladerm on those areas of hyperpigmentation. Do not apply it to areas that are not affected by hyperpigmentation. The best results are usually seen after about three months of using it on your vulva. Meladerm works on every type of skin tone so whether you have beautiful chocolate brown skin or lovely pale skin, you can safely use this product.